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testimonials   Repaired my 2011 iMac quickly and even saved me money on new RAM, which was the issue. Ran diagnostics and gave recommendations for dumping apps which don't work as well as developers say. All at a fair price. Was easy to locate and drop off and pick up flawless. Thanks to TPteQ, I'll be back!! - From Google My Business: September 1, 2017
Lisa Marie Stevens, Lockport, IL

testimonials   David, Thanks again for the upgrades and the quick service. I will recommend you to anyone I come in contact with who needs a computer repaired - From Square: December 3, 2016
Richard B, Cicero, IL

testimonials   David, Thanks again for the upgrades and the quick service. I will recommend you to anyone I come in contact with who needs a computer repaired - From Square: December3, 2016
Richard B, Cicero, IL

testimonials Great service, knowledge, communication, problem solving, follow up. They go that extra mile. Highly recommended!   Thank you again, David. When you speak, I listen!- Facebook review - August, 2016
Mike S, M Aurora, IL A

testimonials   Just so you know you guys are AWESOME!!! And I will NEVER use anyone else to fix my macs (I have 4 of them) If you ever need references donít hesitate! THANK YOU - by e-mail - June 21, 2016
Janet D, Oak Park, IL

testimonials   Great job guys! Running like a finely tuned machine should!. - From Square Register - December 22, 2015
Eric C, Aurora, IL

testimonials \Great service, knowledge, communication, problem solving, follow up. They go that extra mile. Highly recommended!   Thank you again, David. When you speak, I listen!- By email - December 17, 2015
Mike S, M Aurora, IL
testimonials   No issues...except this system is "too fast"! (Wink) Boots up, including server, in about 15 seconds (maybe a little less). In the past, nearly 4-5 minutes was typical.

  Thank you very much, David! I was very pleased to meet you, and to become acquainted. You make a lot of good sense, and I am impressed with your technical knowledge, quality service, and your business attitude. You will be the first person I would recommend, and turn to, for anything relating to computer or network needs!

  Thank you again, David. When you speak, I listen!- By email - December 17, 2015
John S, Downers Grove, IL

testimonials   I actually searched online to have my custom PC built. I had a previous one built at Best Buy and after that they said they're not building new ones. I wanted to upgrade mine and ran across Tony's company. I was a bit skeptical at first but I'm glad that I went there. They built my PC in 1 day from scratch. They did have some trouble with my full tower case but only because my case was a pain. They did get it all up and running and it still works great.

Another thing I was really happy with was the communication. From the first email to the last, Tony always got back to me really quickly. I was actually impressed with how good the communication was. Even the service charge was cheap. :)

I would definitely recommend Tony and his team, and will be using them for my future PC needs. - From Yelp - December 4, 2014
Jim B, Wheaton IL

testimonials   Hey Tony. Well Dave got us sorted out, all's good. Once again thank you for your prompt and professional service as always we appreciate your help. - by email - October 24, 2014
Jim B, Oak Brook IL

testimonials   TP Tech recovered data from my crashed computer, installed on new computer, installed windows 8. Fantastic service price and turnaround. Two day turnover. Great job highly recommended. - From Angie's List - September 27, 2014
Floyd S, Elk Grove Village IL

testimonials   I see bad reviews for good businesses all the time. People who are so tough over the internet, but won't take the time to talk to a business owner and work through a problem. Tony and his staff have always been fair, prompt and honest with me and my family. There is a computer repair place 150 yards from my home, and I drive to see Tony. Enough said? - From Angie's List - September 9, 2014
Randy M, Lombard IL

testimonials   Took my laptop in for a screen replacement and tuneup. The tuneup somehow managed to break my Office 2013. I called for help and was immediately put through to David who "remoted" in to my computer and quickly figured out what the Windows/Outlook issue was and all looks to be good now. Great support when needed! - From Dexknows - August 30, 2014
Lou B, Bloomingdale IL

testimonials   TPteQ have been my go to guys for over 5 years personally and have not only been able to fix all my computer issues but the turnaround is usually within 24 hours. The service has always been exceptional. When my company decided to change their computers and we needed quotes, I called TPteQ and they not only were the most competitive bid, the installation was seemless. Any time we have computer issues, TPteQ is just a phone call away ---the customer service is spot on. I would highly recommend them for all your computer repairs and IT needs, both for your business or personal needs. - From Google - July 2, 2014
Linda S, Itasca, IL

testimonials   I recently had a problem with my computer that involved sending my Pavilion 20 from Texas to Chicago for Tony to repair it. Yes there are techs and businesses within a 20 mile area that could work on my computer. But, this is the second time I have had a computer have problems. The first time I took my computer to Best Buy for their techs to repair it. When the computer was returned to me, there were still problems. I contacted Tony over the internet and he hooked up with my computer and repaired it right away at a very reasonable cost. That computer worked fine until it was dropped and totally ruined. When my new computer had a problem, I didn't even consider taking it to Best Buy or any one else. I called Tony, told him what happened, he told me to ship it up and I had it on its way that same day. I had it back in perfect condition, once again at a reasonable cost and all within a week, including travel time. Any problems in the future will be handled by only Tony and his very capable crew. Not only is everyone courteous and patient with a computer illiterate, they are competent and fast. I recommend Tony and his crew to anyone who needs computer repairs of any kind. I trust him implicitly. - From Google - July 2, 2014
Dorothy H, New Boston, TX

testimonials   What a great experience! Instead of buying a new computer I called TP Technologies to get their help reviving my old laptop. I am so glad I did. The computer went from being unusably slow to screaming fast. Years of junk and spyware were cleaned out and they confirmed the hardware was not the issue which was my original concern.
  Best of all I did not have to buy a new computer and deal with transferring files, buying and loading needed software, setting up printers, networking and then after all that wondering what would work and what wouldn't work.
  I highly recommend this company if you have ANY computer or networking issue. The customer service is impeccable! - From Yelp - June 22, 2014
Bert M, Forest Glen, IL

testimonials   SUPER SHOUT AND THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH TO THE AMAZING TONY PIROG AND THE STAFF AT TP TECHNOLOGIES "I found out about TP Technologies as a result of a random search on Google. I am so very happy that I found Tony Pirog and His Super Awesome staff. I truly appreciate all that TP Technologies does to help me keep my business up and running. Tony Always provides me with Super Fantastic customer service. Now that I have found these guys, I will always take my computers to TP TECHNOLOGIES. The quality of work and attention to detail exceeded my expectations. SUPER EXCELLENT JOB!!! I highly recommend Tony at TP TECHNOLOGIES for ALL of your computer repairs! These guys are life savers, They are fast and professional!!! if you need an IT team, TP TECHNOLOGIES is the one to choose!
TP TECHNOLOGIES, I just can't thank you enough!!!!
YOU are truly appreciated immensely! You are the very best!!! YOU ROCK!!! - From Yelp - June 21, 2014
Charita J, Benseville, IL

testimonials   I recently had a problem with my computer that involved sending my Pavilion 20 from Texas to Chicago for Tony to repair it. Yes there are techs and businesses within a 20 mile area that could work on my computer. But, this is the second time I have had a computer have problems. The first time I took my computer to Best Buy for their techs to repair it. When the computer was returned to me, there were still problems. I contacted Tony over the internet and he hooked up with my computer and repaired it right away at a very reasonable cost. That computer worked fine until it was dropped and totally ruined. When my new computer had a problem, I didn't even consider taking it to Best Buy or any one else. I called Tony, told him what happened, he told me to ship it up and I had it on its way that same day. I had it back in perfect condition, once again at a reasonable cost and all within a week, including travel time. Any problems in the future will be handled by only Tony and his very capable crew. Not only is everyone courteous and patient with a computer illiterate, they are competent and fast. I recommend Tony and his crew to anyone who needs computer repairs of any kind. I trust him implicitly. - From Google - July 2, 2014
Dorothy H, New Boston, TX

testimonials   Description of work: Tony cleared our PC of all viruses and explained how to best protect our computer. He thoroughly explained what he was going to do with our computer and then explained what he found and fixed. He also advised against using the "Express Install" so as to avoid unnecessary components that slow the computer. That should help us avoid some problems.
  Comments: Tony had our computer less than 24 hrs. It is working fine now without pop-ups appearing continually. Tony was very professional, as was his staff when I talked to an associate over the phone. We were very pleased with his service and his prices. We would recommend him to anyone who needs computer help. - From Angie's List - May 10, 2014
Cheryl L, Addison, IL

testimonials   Description of work: Recovered deleted data from a hard drive.
  Comments: A backup software I was using inadvertently deleted very important photos, music & video files from my hard drive. I needed a reliable company with a good history of data recovery, and the reviews for TPTEQ seemed to indicate this. I met with Tony & he described the methods, pricing, etc. for data recovery. I handed over the hard drive & 3 days later, had it back with all the data recovered, with nothing missing! Fast service, great results, can't beat it. - From Angie's List - April 10, 2014
Vasant R, Bloomingdale, IL

testimonials   Description of work: Took an HP laptop that had begun running very slowly, diagnosed the issue, informed us of the problem, made the repairs and completed the job in approx. 24 hours.
  Comments: This is actually the second time we used Tony Pirog for laptop repairs. We heard about him via a tech site that praised him for his work. Before we used him, and based on what we had read, we actually referred him to two friends who were totally satisfied with his work. We actually used him for our own of our own laptops in August, 2013 and were pleased with his work. It was an easy decision to return to him again for this problem. It turned out that, what we thought may have been a virus/trojan causing the slowness, was actually a failing hard drive. My husband asked about the use of an SSD (Solid State Drive) instead of the usual hard drive replacement. Tony agreed, sourced the drive, called back almost immediately with a price and went to the store to purchase it.
    The entire repair, from drop-off to assessment to explanation to completion was about 27 hours! And we dropped the laptop off on the same day that we called Tony to let him know of the problem. We will always rely on TP Technologies - there is no one better. - From Angie's List - April 8, 2014
Barbara L, Wood Dale, IL

testimonials   Description of work: Repaired my custom built desktop to correct an error where the PC would shutdown 5 minutes after boot-up. Also installed Windows 8.1 on the same machine.
  Comments: Fantastic experience from TPteQ. Tony Pirog, the owner lived up to all the previous reviews that sent me to him in the first place. Upon describing my issue, Tony recommended bringing the computer to him so that he could rule out any hardware issues.
    I dropped my computer off at his location and Tony had identified a software issue, repaired it and had it ready to go in 2 days. As I felt that my Windows XP was due for an upgrade I asked him to recommend a potential Operating System Upgrade. Tony said that it was unnecessary, but would provide better performance out of my machine to upgrade the OS. He offered several options, and I went with the Windows 8.1 which was the most up to date.
    I am thrilled with the work done, and the service provided. Tony is very professional and honest. He builds computers as well. Upon leaving with my repaired machine, I asked him about the potential of building a CHEAP starter computer for my 4 and 6 year olds to learn upon. He was honest in his assessment of my needs and actually steered me in another direction for an inexpensive and feasible solution. That is the ultimate in customer service.
    Before you give up on your computer, give Tony a chance to bring it back to life. You'll be glad you did. - From Angie's List - March 30, 2014
Ken B, Glen Ellyn, IL

testimonials   Mike did a great job. He delivered more than he promised. He got us up and running quickly and he was very easy to work with. I really appreciated his patience explaining everything to me. We would definitely feel confident calling you again. - Comment emailed by customer - February 4, 2014
Gina S, Addison, IL

testimonials   Description of problem: Dropped Ubuntu laptop and crashed hard drive.
  Comments: I slipped on some ice and landed on my Ubuntu laptop on a Friday. It is my work computer and needed it for a software demo on Wednesday. I emailed Tony and within minutes he said he would look at it right away. I dropped it off the next morning and Tony and Mike saved me and fixed it. It is an Ubuntu (Linux) laptop and I needed a Linux expert to get it working. Tony and Mike are amazing and saved me. I'm a programmer and these guys are the best when you desperately need the best. - From Dexknows - January 12, 2014
Bill S, Park Ridge, IL

testimonials   Description of Work: Took a repair Apple told me would cost $1,240 and did it for $350. Love, love, LOVE THESE GUYS! (Mike and Tony)
    Since then I've brought my other huge computer in when it got the "Blue screen of death" and they fixed it as good as new! -- I'll never use Apple for repairs again!
  Comments: I have an Apple MacBook Pro with all the bells and whistles (souped up graphics card, huge memory, etc.) and I always treated it like a baby -- wouldn't eat or drink by it, kept it plugged in and on my desk at home (it was a second computer as I have a video business and used it when my main computer was doing big renders). Anyway, one day it is dead. Won't start. Can't turn it on. I figure, no biggie since I paid for the extra apple care warranty with Apple so I brought it to one of their "geniuses" (what a joke!). They kept it a few days and then left me a voicemail saying "when we opened it up we discovered liquid damage -- some sort of dark liquid". They said this voided my warranty and it would cost $1,240 plus tax to send it off to be fixed. Since I seriously never ate or drank by it and only took it out of my house like 4 times, this really sounded like b.s. so I went online and queried "Apple black liquid scam". Apparently, Apple likes to do this to folks since they know the average person can't even open the laptop case to check for themselves. Having spent easily over $20K with Apple over the years, I was seriously upset. (In fact, I haven't bought a new computer from them since.) So, I put the computer in the closet for a year (actually I was going to throw it out but decided I'd just hang onto it in case I ever tried to plug it in again and it worked -- wishful thinking.)
    So, flash forward a year and someone suggests I just get a "local computer guy" to look at it. I just moved to Wheaton so I checked online and found TP Technologies, called them and dropped the computer off. TP specialist Mike was absolutely amazing! Turns out my keeping it on all the time had melted the solder under the start button and all that needed replacing was the keyboard, which they did in a few days. Oh, and Mike said there was no black liquid to be found and furthermore, the moisture sensors didn't show any moisture had gotten into the casing. Would I trust Apple after that? Not a chance. Thank goodness I found TP Technologies -- I feel like these guys are honest and trustworthy.
    I can wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend these guys for your computer repairs. They were friendly, knowledgeable and reasonable. Thanks Tony & Mike! You guys are A+++++++++++++++++++++++++ - From Angie's List - January 8, 2014
Toni C, Wheaton, IL

testimonials   Description of Work: Reconfigured HP laptop that took up to 30+ minutes to start up if at all. Laptop is about 7 years old.
  Comments: TP analysis revealed that the hard drive was on the verge of failure and that there was a solder joint problem with a "video" chip. Both problems were addressed within the stated bugetery quote. Start time is now better than new and browising is lighting quick.
    I should mention that on two previous occasions (over the last three years) I had this problem addressed by the big box store where I purchased the computer. Improvement was marginal at best and a third visit their comment was "you may want to consider purchasing a new computer". TP recently serviced a friend's computer and they recommended that I contact TP. Best advice I've received in years.
    Would highly recommend TP, especiallly if disatisfied with previous service providers, and plan on using them to help us with the intergration of our in-home devices. - From Angie's List - January 1, 2014
Richard J, Medinah, IL

testimonials   Description of Work: Trouble shot our office internet/phone connections.
  Comments: TP correctly diagnosed problem which another co. had missed and messed up. Then TP repaired even returning on a Saturday and Sunday to finish and check for Monday work week. - From Angie's List - December 29, 2013
Doug D, West Chicago, IL

testimonials   Description of Work: Recovered system from fatal disk error and video card burnout. 1 day turn-around! The most honest, reasonably priced service I've come across in the last 35 years (and I used to be the 'go-to' guy for all PC and software problems at a major airline prior to retiring).
  Comments: Responded to first inquiry and picked up my PC within 8 hours - and returned it 2 days later. EVERYTHING worked great. - From Angie's List - December 27, 2013
Steve G, Schaumburg, IL

testimonials   Description of Work: Various installations and setup of Video Displays and stands. Plus the setup of the office router, switch, and network ports.
  Comments: Great work, David is a great guy, patient and detailed. I would highly recommend his work. - From Angie's List - December 22, 2013
Tamer A, Lombard, IL

testimonials   Description of Work: Recovered data from a broken external drive after a much bigger service had told me they would charge me literally about fifteen times as much and were very doubtful about the chances of getting my data recovered.
  Comments: All of my data was retrieved in less than 24 hours and the charge was a fraction of what another service had quoted. Very professional and friendly - From Angie's List - November 26, 2013
Dan S, Wheaton, IL

testimonials   Description of Work: Cleared my business computer of a virus and malware. Restored all of my files and software program.
  Comments: I own a retail store and my business computer was infected with a virus and malware rendering it inoperable. I looked on Angies List for a local computer repair service and found TP Computer Repair. The owner Tony came out to my business and picked up my infected system. He promised it back by the next morning. I was very surprised when it was returned to me that evening, completely virus free and cleaned of all issues. He set everything up and it worked perfectly! I had five years of business data which I was afraid would be lost forever. Due to Tony's and David's help, nothing was lost and my system is faster than ever. So happy to have found them and will call them again whenever I need IT support. Couldn't be happier! - From Angie's List - October 30, 2013
Kathy W, All Things Woof, Meow Too, Inc, Roselle, IL

testimonials   Description of Work: Replaced the charging port in my Chrome book computer.
  Comments: I found TP Technologies on Angie's List and was impressed by the great reviews. I had been having trouble charging my Chrome book, and first thought it was the charging cord, which I replaced. When this didn't work, my husband took it to TP Tech, who diagnosed that the charging port was bad and would need to be replaced. It took about 2 weeks for the repair, due to the fact that the part had to be ordered online by Mike, his laptop technician. When I picked up my Chrome book later after it was repaired, they made sure I tried it out there before I left to make sure everything was working ok. Tony runs this business out of his home, seems very knowledgeable and I didn't feel that I was being "ripped off" like I usually have in the past when using computer fix-it shops. I would definitely use this service again! - From Angie's List - October 30, 2013
Patricia D, Elk Grove Village, IL

testimonials   Description of Work: Recovered pictures from computer & fixed computer.
  Comments: I had a laptop that crashed on me 2 years ago. My husband took the laptop to his IT person at his job and the IT person not only held on to it for over 6 months but couldn't do anything with it. The reason I held on to the laptop so long was because I had numerous pictures that if I had truly lost, I would be crushed. I had hope that someone could recover them. I took my laptop to Tony and Mike and they recovered the pictures in right away. The price was decent compared to other locations.
  Although I didn't think my laptop was repairable, they looked into it further and were able to fix it for an additional cost. Maybe I could have paid a bit less if this was the first plan of attack but I'm not complaining. For the amount I paid, I not only have my long lost pictures back but another working laptop. Great deal! - From Angie's List - October 2, 2013
Carolina H, Berwyn, IL

testimonials   Description of Work: TP Technologies is fantastic. I called on a Friday night. Some how we picked up a virus. They were great, we were on the phone for about 3 hours, but they fixed everything. Now my computer works better then ever and is now virus free.
  Comments: They have this program (called TeamViewer) they put on my computer when we took it to them the first time when we had to have work done on it. This allows them to go onto our computer with us remotely (we give him a password). This way I did not have to take my computer to them. It made the process so much easier. We highly recommend their service to anyone. - From Angie's List - September 29, 2013
Tracy K, Streamwood, IL

testimonials   "Tony from TP Technologies rescued my laptop where others had failed. It's finally virus-free and all my files have been restored. Very accomodating and a pleasure to work with. I also walked away learning from him which is a sign of a true computer professional!" - From Angie's List - September 7, 2013
Jackie M, Bensenville, IL

testimonials   "Well we didn't have the blue screen of death but when we tried to start our computer, the screen was black and the CPU emitted a series of beeps. Having gotten burned once by Best Buy's Geek Squad, we decided to look for a computer repair service thru Angies List. We have always had good luck with the service providers we have found here and our luck continues. TP Technologies is a home based operation. They do make house calls, but prefer you bring the item you having problems with to them. We explained the problem we were having the next day they called let us know we needed to replace the processer and the mother board. Both parts came to $60.00. We purchased the $120.00 coupon on their site that covered the labor. Our total bill was $180.00. The owner and his staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. There was great communication on their part as they let us know what was going on every step of the way. We also used the other coupon on their site that covered the updating files and removing clutter, unused programs etc. Our computer runs much faster then before. We are very satisfied with their work and highly recommend them." - From Angie's List - August 9, 2013
Tracy K - Streamwood, IL

testimonials   "I called TP Technologies when I needed data recovery services after my external hard drive had crashed. I initially called TP after receiving quotes between $500-1200 from other recovery specialists. TP Technologies was prompt, I spoke to Tony Pirog, the owner, who explained the process, quoted me a reasonable price and was able to begin the work the next day. He recovered my data for $325! TP technologies completed the work in a couple of days and kept me informed of the progress through phone calls and email. I will definitely use them again." - From Angie's List - August 1, 2013
Laurie B - Downers Grove, IL

testimonials   "Tony has upgraded my business and home computers. He is easy to work with, has great knowledge of his field and is timely with his repairs." - Originally posted on Linkedin - June 15, 2013
Jim B - DuPage Auto Body - Lombard, IL

testimonials   "Tony and Dave are simply the best around. To think I stumbled on them about 5 years ago on Yelp and it was the best stumble! I have used TPteQ for all my computer needs for both personal and my company.
    Over the past few years we have had Tony purchase and install a network at work of 3 computers and most recently 2 laptops to be used for employees time clock. Personally they have cleaned up and tuned-up and gotten rid of virus's and made all of our computers at home work more efficiently then when first purchased. And can call and drop off your computer the same day and within 24hours you will have your problem diagnosed and many times repairs complete. They diagnose and give you an estimate and the cost is what they tell you .....NO surprises!
    I have called Tony and Dave numerous times for myself, work, and tell everyone I know about TPteQ . I have never heard a complaint, rather no one can believe the excellent customer service and turnaround.
    Tony and Dave are the best around Hands Down!" - May 29, 2013
Linda S - Roselle, IL

testimonials   "I had an old Mac iBook that I didn't use anymore and I wanted all programs and files transferred to my Dell laptop. I brought my computer to Tony's house and told him exactly what needed to be done. He was very personable and knowledgeable about what I needed. He said the turnaround time would be the next day and I was very pleasantly surprised. He called me the next day in the evening and told me what he had done and that it was ready. When I picked up, he went through my computer and showed me what he had done and asked if there was anything else I needed. I asked for an invoice and he told me he would send it electronically upon emailed request. I emailed him as soon as I got home and shortly after he sent it over. I recommend going with Tony for computer help and I plan to use him in the future." - May 25, 2013
Anthony A - Wheaton, IL

testimonials   "I dropped off laptop saying I couldn't get the laptop to go on. I asked for an estimate before doing anything. This was on a Saturday. I believe it was on Monday, they called and gave me an estimate and told me they needed to replace the jack outlet. I agreed they should go ahead. I believe the next day they called and said the outlet was replaced and they found that the hard drive had been corrupted so they needed to replace it and gave me the new total estimate. The price was still within my budget so I told them to go ahead. Within the week they called and told me the laptop was ready. So by the next Saturday I went and picked up the laptop. They had updated the desktop for free and couldn't find the wireless connection and I had had it before so they gave me an adapter for free. They believe in doing the best they can for their customers and not just the minimum asked for. I would definitely use them again." - May 16, 2013
Joan G - Carol Stream, IL

testimonials   "Paid $100.00 for Microsoft Tech Support only to have them fry the hard drive of my pc. Got quotes from data recovery firms and Best-Buy starting at $500.0 and going up as high as $2,400.00 with no guarantees as to any success in getting my machine up and running again and retrieving all my data! To add insult to injury, they all had to ship the hard drive to another State or to Canada with a wait time of over 2 weeks! TP Technologies did everything and more within 24 hours and my machine was better than new with all my recovered data placed both on my pc's hard drive but onto a provided external hard drive! Satisfied does not even begin to describe their performance!! Speed, efficiency and top-notch service by total professionals when it comes to computer repair and data recovery and at the lowest prices anywhere! Thank you folks! Great job!! In the age of Super-heros, TP Technologies is a SUPER COMPANY!! Quality service in record time at the lowest price!!" - May 3, 2013
Donald P - Glendale Heights, IL

testimonials   "Have to send out High Kudo's to Tony Pirog at TPteQ Computer Services. Tony has been my "Go To" guy for some years now, great service and my laptop feels brand new again. No more crunchy keys from those lunch crumbs lost forever in the keyboard. Tony can help you with your issue's in person or by remote. So if you are need of Good Go To Guy, call TP Tech at 630-447-9067. Tony and I had a great bullshit session, tried to solve some global issues at the same time." - April 26, 2013
Tom Brandow - Harvard, IL

testimonials   "After purchasing a new home, we had new RJ45 keystones installed in the office and living room. The living room worked fine while the office did not work at all. After spending several hours attempting to rectify the issue myself, I decided to call T&P (sic!) based on their Angies List reviews. I spoke with Tony, explained the issue, and he said he'd likely have someone out the following day. His technician arrived the following evening, diagnosed the issue, fixed it, and made certain I was happy with the results. Also asked me if there were any other issues that needed addressing while he was there. The skill set and knowledge were impressive and I would gladly use them again." - April 15, 2013
Frank F - Downers Grove, IL

testimonials   "I spilled a pop on my laptop all appeared well to look at but would not boot up. Ended up burning up the motherboard they ended up ordering a motherboard but got it up and running very quickly would recommend." - March 27, 2013
Jim B - Itasca, IL

testimonials   "I found out about TP Technologies as a result of a random search on Google. They were the third on the list of people I called. I don't recall the names of the first two, but it was obvious to me that they were not interested in taking on the job.
  I've had less than 24 hours to evaluate all the features of this "new" system but I can say that at this point I am very satisfied. The only issue I had was the time it took to get a quote and the extra time it took to deliver the finished product. But, I can assure you that it was worth the wait. The quality of work and attention to detail exceeded my expectations. Things could change as I get into the bowels of the system, but as they say, first impressions are lasting ones. I am favorably impressed at this point." - March 5, 2013
Dennis A - Roselle, IL

testimonials   "Excellent Work and Service. Tony and David came out to the house to work on a networking problem that has vexed "The Geek Squad" as well as other home IT "experts." First off, they were prompt and polite. It did take them two hours to complete the job, but since we had several other companies over for longer periods of time without results, we are thrilled that they were able to tackle the issue. If we ever need in-home IT services again, we will call on them" - January 29, 2013
Tim H - Elmhurst, IL

testimonials   "The services were performed on my 2011, 27 inch iMac. HDD replacement, dust removal, gpu reflow, and thermal paste application. OSX reinstall + other software.
    Overall this experience went very well. The distance from home is close, the working hours/days coupled with the accessibility to contact Tony or Mike is outstanding. One day in mid December the iMac was working fine, then all of a sudden things went down hill while in BootCamp Assistant; whether partitioning the hdd was the cause, part of or not related remains unclear. Basically the HDD and GPU functionality snowballed from minor issues to nearly useless within minutes. I tried to limit the issues by using Onyx and preparing a Time Machine backup, but with no luck. I was unable to have Apple fix the issuel so the hunt began to fix an otherwise expensive paperweight. Worried about what to do, I called up TP Tech after GOOGLE results pulled it up and had a prompt quote and idea of the issues. Bringing in my mac was not too far away, showed Tony and Mike photos of the gray screen with green vertical lines upon restart; discussed and there it was out of my hands. Worried about a mega price tag as logic boards and parts I found online were ridiculous, I was pleased to hear what we worked out. In the end, after two service visits, hdd replacement, GPU reflow and thermal paste application, along with texting about remaining concerns, my iMac is running cool temperature wise again, graphically correct and functional storage units. Recommend this small local team of tech experts to help you out. They helped fast, even around the holidays and got me up and running again." - January 7, 2013
Chris H - Elk Grove Village, IL

testimonials   "My hard drive died, now all good. My previous experience with my son's lap top. Geek Squad - no luck, Staples - no, after 10 days! TP Technologies fixed it in less than a week. Worth the trip (I'm about 17 miles)." - December 17, 2012
Sandra S - Darien, IL

testimonials   "Tony Pirog and TPteQ saved my life this weekend. Couldn't open Windows 7 due to virus with big projects due. He cleaned it up in 4 hours, and added Windows 8 to boot. I highly recommend Tony for computer repair!" - December 12, 2012
Thomas Gray - Lisle, IL

testimonials   "I had struggled with functionality and connectivity issues for my network and access to my NAS device for months. I am a skilled computer user and programmer and had done everything I could to try to troubleshoot and repair my system for months. I rely on this network for my small business and the time I was spending on network issues and exchanging emails with hardware help desks finally began to overwhelm my capacity to do the work for which I am actually paid! The straw that broke the camel's back is when I won a consulting engagement out of town and began spending four days a week on the East Coast. I found that I was at a severe disadvantage on my consulting engagement because I was unable to remotely access files on my server, so after the second week, I looked on Angie's List and found TPteQ.
    Finding a company that has experience trouble-shooting, dealing with, and repairing mixed networks is not an easy thing. I called one other highly-rated Angie's List provider before calling TPteQ, but that provider did not deal with mixed networks at all.
    I called TPteQ on a Friday afternoon and was surprised when Tony, the owner, said he could be by the next morning if I wanted. Since my schedule takes me out of town most of the working week, this was like a dream come true. Tony and David showed up as promised the next day and within minutes had identified the root cause of the issue I was having, assessed the performance of several of the computers on my network, and made suggestions (which I took) regarding anti-virus software. Their solution involved switching out my wireless router and buying devices that would allow for an Ethernet connection to run over my power lines. Tony and David scheduled time for the next day (Sunday, mind you), came out and worked for some time to make sure, not only that the network was properly set up for each of my computers, but also that printers and scanners were set up and running well for each of the computers. Windows 8 is a new operating system, and despite its newness, Tony and David were able to quickly and professionally set up everything I needed. In addition, Tony optimized the applications running in the background of my NT machine and did a thorough defrag of my Registry and HDD so the computer runs well now. David made some suggestions as well as to the wireless set-up of an internet-enabled TV set that had been giving me problems as well.
    I am incredibly happy that I have found TPteQ and will use them for all my technology needs in the future. To me, they are the epitome of everything that is good about a small business--client focused, working hard to go above and beyond their clients' expectations, flexible, and reasonably priced. They are also, it turns out, extremely personable and funny guys and a pleasure to have around. I cannot say enough good things about them and their work! I unreservedly recommend them to any individuals or businesses in need of trustworthy, skilled technical support." - December 7, 2012
Erik K - Arlington Heights, IL

testimonials   "This company was outstanding to work with I was in a tough stop with a hard drive crashed. I found them online they took my call and jump on the recovery of my data that day. They told me what they could deliver and didn't over promise! These guys are life savers, if you need an IT team this is the one to choose!" - November 30, 2012
Bob S - Lisle, IL

testimonials   "Just received my HP notebook back from repair at TPteQ, what can I say but 'bloody marvelous'! I broke the old keyboard by spilling liquid on it and it was riddled with viral gunk. Now it is working like a charm and is as good as new, what a great service! I for one am a convert to TPteQ and would highly recommend their services." - October 28, 2012
Steve M - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

testimonials   "The fan in my laptop was making noise. It needed to be cleaned and lubricated. Service was great and very fast. I was surprised that TP-Tech PC and Mac Repair is a home business. This made me a little apprehensive; however, I am VERY glad I chose to use their service. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you." October 17, 2012
Colleen K - Woodstock, IL

testimonials   "Life saver in Illinois - I WILL be using TPteQ Inc again. I had a PBX that runs on Windows die on me, booted to blue screen. I contacted many technical services companies in the area that simply told me they couldn't help. One call to TPteQ and they were on site in a very reasonable amount of time, took my box to their shop, fixed up the OS, threw in a RAM upgrade and had it back to my office same day. All of this was done at what I consider a bargain compared to tech service companies I've used throughout the US. I highly recommend them!" October 9, 2012
Justin W - Denver, CO

testimonials   "I manage a small business with a network server. I was unable to back up my system and was getting a critical "low disk space" error message. I contacted quite a few companies from Angieslist for help. Not a one returned my call. My last call was to TpTech, who took down my information and returned my call immediately. They came and within a couple of hours, took care of my problem along with assisting me with other computers in the office installing helpful programs. We plan on moving within the next few weeks and needed someone to help with the transfer. I will be calling them back for this job as well. They were professional and extremely pleasant. They explained exactly what they were doing and why they were doing it. Great guys!!" October 6, 2012
Nancy M - Chicago, IL

testimonials   "Tony, I just want to say a BIG thank you for fixing my son's computer! He loves how super fast and organized everything is! I definitely know where I am going for all my computer issues!! Super fast repair service too!!! THANK YOU! " August 20, 2012
Theresa M - Hillside, IL

testimonials   "I brought 2 lap tops and a desk top.They repaired 2 hard drives, clean desk top up and upgraded. They did a great job." August 18, 2012
Judith D - Glen Ellyn, IL

testimonials   "Computer was not booting up. Assessed the problem and replaced the hard drive. The business is located in a home in Addison. Tony was very honest about the cost of the work. In addition, I live in Oak Park and he was able to deliver the repaired computer to my home for no additional charge. I would definitely recommend this firm." July 5, 2012
Mary R - Oak Park, IL

testimonials   "Cleaned up slow computer.. Installed Windows 7. Hooked computer back up , hooked up to new printer and Internet. Went great, computer works perfectly now." June 25, 2012
Edward M - Naperville, IL

testimonials   "We have used TPteQ's service for more than a year on a few occasions. We have had a PC serviced at his shop; purchased a laptop, router,and keyboard; and had in-home repair on three occasions. We first found Tony when our home computer has running poorly. We took it to his shop for repair and he was competent, efficient and affordable. I sought his advice when I needed to purchase a laptop and he made a great recommendation (a tiny Dell) I bought a used one from him. After about two weeks I got funky disk error messages. Tony apologized and quickly swapped the laptop for a new one. Its been great since. We have purchased other accessories, too. Most recently we set up a home network and called Tony in for a home visit. He networked out two computers and performed minor repairs. There was a glitch or two and Tony dilligently researched and ultimately found the fix for the network problems. He installed a new router and everything is working fine. He also has a couple of smart techies working for him." June 13, 2012
Edith M - Bloomingdale, IL

testimonials   "I called them on late Friday afternoon and needed to be hooked up to my company computer from my home so I could do work over the holiday weekend. They answered the phone and said someone would call back shortly to set up an appointment. As promised, I received a call back and they agreed to do the work before the day was over. Within a very short time I received a call from one of their techs and he set up the whole thing. Never thought I would get someone to do it within a couple of hours. They were right on the ball and got me all set up, even though it ran into 'after hours'. Great job, guys! I really appreciate your 110% efforts to meet my goals, even though they were unrealistic! I called at a very late time on a Friday right before the Memorial Day weekend and they still performed the hook up between my house and my work computers. No big IT companies would have done that. They gave it their all to meet my requirements. I was very, very, impressed. They actually put my needs before the clock!"
Second report, same day:
  "They came to my office to meet with my boss on a Saturday which is what my boss wanted, to introduce themselves. I had used this company before for my use and thought they were better than our current IT company we were using at work. They came and my boss explained some of the problems he had with his computer and they went around and checked the performance of the other computers. They took 2 of the CPS's in and fixed them with a few hours and brought the main one back fixed on Saturday evening, hooked it up and it was off and running. The other one they still have but it is a replacement CPU and we just needed some info off of it to put onto the new computer. They still had to work on that, but our previous IT company just said outright they couldn't do it. At least these guys are willing to look into it and see if the info can be retrieved. The info is important to retrieve to my boss." June 2, 2012
Heidi L - Addison, IL

testimonials   ""TUNED UP ONE DESKTOP COMPUTER AND ADDED MORE RAM (Memory) Cleaned junk off, checked for viruses and set me up with some virus protection. Did the same with my laptop. These computers are over 4 years old, and now they work great! Tony is the owner. I dropped the computers off very late on a Monday, and got both of them back on Wednesday. Very pleased with turnaround time. I also purchased a used computer screen from him. My laptop was working so slow, I was about to send it to the recycle center, but now it works like it is brand new. I am very happy with the screen I bought from Tony, as it is very large! Tony said that my computers are no where near getting rid of them, so it saves me a ton of money, not to have to go out and buy new. When Tony finished working on my computers, he called me to come and check out the work. I actually got to sit with him in front of my computers, so he could show me the work, before I took them back with me. He carried my equipment back to my car, and secured the desktop so it would not move on the way back. Tony is an older gentleman, and has the old work ethic. It was very nice to deal with someone who cares so much about their business and making the customer come first." May 8, 2012
Marilyn P - Elk Grove Village, IL

testimonials   "Quick, effective, and comprehensive service! The display on my Macbook pro stopped working, and I got a quote from the Genius Bar to do the repair. I found these guys on Google and Tony was very helpful and reasonable with the rates. Their technician completed the repair within 24 hours, and also told me many other things such as my battery is not holding charge well and will need replacement soon, need to clear up hard drive so I can complete many pending software upgrades (which they would have done had I had enough space), etc. Definitely would use them again and recommend to others!" April 28, 2012
Tarun P - Woodridge, IL

testimonials   "I had a nasty Trojan on my laptop. I tried getting rid of it myself but after many attempts, I realized that I couldn't get rid of it by myself. I decided to go with TPteQ after seeing all the positive reviews from people in the area. He was able to take it on a Sunday which was really surprising because the other places I looked at weren't available on Sunday. I dropped it off and it was ready the next day! He was very helpful and even made sure that everything was updated on my computer. My computer is now up and running without any problems. The price was fair and I am really happy with the work done. I will definitely go to TPteQ again if I have any issues in the future. Thanks TPteQ!" April 23, 2012
Lindsy W - Arlington Heights, IL

testimonials   "Had SMART HDD virus on my computer and Tony picked up my machine and fixed it today at his location. He knows how important turnaround time is to a small business. Fast, frankly fantastic service!" April 18, 2012
Janette Q - Wheaton, IL

testimonials   "I brought a bad Macbook hard drive to them for data retrieval. They worked patiently for a month to salvage whatever data that they could. The price was more than reasonable and I thought I was the one shafting them. I highly recommend them to anyone who has cpu trouble." April 14, 2012
Sherman L - Oswego, IL

testimonials   "Fantastic! I dropped my laptop and could not get it to boot up, the keyboard was not cooperating. Well, after a few hours at TPteQ I had a replacement hard drive, now my 3 year old Dell Dimension is working better than ever! All my files were still there, and I was only off line for 26 hours total. Very reasonable pricing. Thanks TPteQ for the awesome service, great work!" April 13, 2012
Helen S - Elk Grove Village, IL

testimonials   "My on/off button for my HP laptop was not working. I took the computer in and they quickly diagnosed the problem. There was a part that needed to be replaced so they ordered and installed the part in just over a week. In addition to replacing the part, they did a diagnostic test on my laptop, defragged it and it's now running better than ever. I am extremely satisfied with the services provided. They were professional, courteous, timely and very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend their services. They provide a quality product/service at reasonable rates." April 6, 2012
Valerie M - Darien, IL

testimonials   "Tony replaced my video card, then resolved a zip file issue and a virus issue. I woke up one morning to find my computer screen looking like it was on an acid-trip. I called Tony who diagnosed a video card problem, then came out to pick up the computer. He was here within a few hours and I had the computer back in less than 48 hours, exactly as he had projected, and working perfectly. That night, I tried to fix an outstanding zip file issue on my own and by the following morning my computer was acting like it was on a BAD acid trip. Tony spent much of the day on the phone with me walking me through a virus issue, a restore process, and then resolving the zip file issue. He was patient and seemed to have a genuine interest (and an inexhaustible supply of programs) to resolve problems to my satisfaction. And the price was reasonable for all of this! He is my go-to guy from now on." April 5, 2012
Barbara B - Berwyn, IL

testimonials   "Tony fixed the wireless connection on my HP laptop. My laptop had wireless but for some reason around the beginning of March the wireless connection disappeared. A software application for drivers said that the driver was also missing. I personally did not remove any drivers or hardware so I tried downloading the drivers from the company website but it did not fix the problem. After calling Tony, I brought the laptop by the same afternoon. He indicated that this was a known issue with HP laptops and already had an idea of what would need to be fixed. The next day he called to let me know it was fixed and ready to be picked up. My wireless is working. He did let me know that there could be problems in the future with my wireless and what else he could do if it happened again. Quick service. Knew the possible issue before even looking at my laptop. I would call him again." March 22 2012
Sharon S - Schaumburg, IL

testimonials   "Fast, reliable, great communication! I honestly didn't expect too much as my laptop was old and well-used. Got it back just a couple of days later and it does all that I need it to do and runs like a charm! I can't say enough good about their service - professional, quick, responsive and priced within reach." March 8, 2012
Peg C - Westchester, IL

testimonials   "I could not be more pleased with my experience here. I was in despair when the Genius Bar technician told me that my MacBook hard drive had failed and my data could not be recovered. (Side note: ALWAYS back up your data!) When I researched data recovery services, their quotes were $400 MINIMUM. I had hundreds of pictures and videos of my children that I thought were gone forever. But then TPteQ came up on a random Google search, and the reviews on their website were glowing. In a final desperation attempt, I gave them a call and got a very good impression from my conversation with Tony. After dropping off my hard drive, he called me later that same day and informed me that he would be able to retrieve ALL of my data. Long story short: I picked up my pictures, videos, and other important files less than 24 hours later, and the cost was a fraction of what companies were quoting. I can't thank Tony enough. He does a lot of other great work too with computers and other electronic devices. If you're in the Chicago area and are desperate like I was to save your data, Tony is your guy. He does top notch work, offers great customer service, his fees are reasonable, and he's a genuinely nice guy. We need more trustworthy companies like this, so do yourself and TPteQ a favor and give them your business!" February 21, 2012
Brian Park - Wheeling, IL

testimonials   "I had my laptop in week before last, and its running GREAT!!! Thank you Tony for your honest work! GOOD JOB!!! Good work deserves praise, and good service is difficult to find. I posted on my Facebook last Saturday about you for a little word of mouth." February 11, 2012
Bob Fields - Itasca, IL

testimonials   "There is NO ONE like TPteQ. I simply can't say enough good things about Tony and his team. I needed work done on my iMac, and TPteQ went more than the extra mile to make sure I was 100% satisfied with everything they had done. I did not count on having my Mac returned to me for a few days, if not more, and it was ready the very next day. You can't or won't find that kind of service out of anyone. Their expertise and overall attitude can't be beat. I am so glad I found them. They are now my Mac "GURU" and I wont trust anyone else or let anyone else but TPteQ do all of my future work. You will NOT be sorry " - January, 17 2012.
David M - Elmhurst, IL

  Review by:  Steve LaCroix, Streamwood, IL
  On:  December 18, 2011  From:  Dexknows
  I found TPteQ to be fair, honest and FAST! It was a pleasure doing business with them. The money I spent was well worth it. Thank you Tony and Dave!!

  Review by:  Lori Nahrwold, LaGrange Park, IL
  On:  December 15, 2011
Summary: Cleaned up an '03 Compaq Laptop and a Dual Core Desktop computer, added a new hard drive, additional memory and updated its programs. Saved everything to my external hard drive, reinstalled hardware and software, added memory, came and picked up the computer twice to work on in his shop, spent time on two occasions working on it remotely.
Detailed Report: When I first called TPteQ, they immediately set up a time to come and work on my computer which would slow down and then freeze after 15 minutes requiring a shut down & new start. "I had had another tech work on it several months prior but his fix lasted only one day and he admitted having no idea what the problem was!
    Tony arrived promptly and proceeded to run some diagnostics. Not finding any obvious problems, he took the unit back with him to see what needed to be done. A day or so later he brought it back after cleaning it up and adding a couple new browsers and extra memory and it worked like a new unit! It was fast and worked great!
    Within a day or so it started acting strangely...almost as if it had a mind of its own! I'd be working at listing an auction when suddenly my emails would be on the screen or I'd be checking a bank statement and it would switch browsers! It became the computer from h***! I called Tony and he tried some things remotely but then decided another visit was in order. This time he brought a loaner that I could use while he tried to figure out what was going on with mine.
    He decided it might be my bookmarks which were numerous so he took them off and reentered them all by hand. Why that worked neither of us really knows but Tony obviously thought it was worth a try! A minor adjustment still needed to be made but Tony was able to do that remotely. What I really appreciated was Tony's willingness to keep working until he solved my problem at no additional charge! I was certainly willing to pay more for all of his time & travel but he said no because he guarantees his work!
    I had also asked if he could do anything with an old Compaq laptop that didn't work. I wanted to use it in another area of the house for some minor research. He gave it a new hard drive, added ram, and updated the software. Unfortunately, it refused to connect wirelessly to my computer. Tony decided to connect it to my cable which supplies my internet but he needed a connector that was long enough. He went to a nearby Staples store and made the purchase but refused to allow me to pay for it. He said he felt bad that his charge was high!
    After his first attempt to fix my computer he only charged $125 for mine and $185 for the laptop. I felt this was reasonable but after having to continue working on it for for probably 6 or 8 hours more, he certainly would have been justified in asking for additional compensation! I will certainly use him again and refer my friends to him!
Lori Nahrwold - LaGrange Park, IL

testimonials   "Our Mac needed to be able to show a screen once it was turned on. TPteQ, Inc repaired the problem on our Mac within a few days. The genius at Apple said that they no longer made the parts and it would cost more to repair than it was worth. Purchasing a new computer would be better for us. Found TPteQ, Inc. on the web and after reading the reviews gave them a call. Courteous on the phone. Knowledgeable. Bring it over right away. Gave us an estimate and had it repaired within a few days. Wonderful, prompt service. A little bit of a drive for us but well worth it. Will do all of our repairs here in the future. Pricing was excellent. So glad we did not have to purchase a new computer." - December 14, 2011
Katherine Harig - Arlington Heights, IL

testimonials   "My computer runs better than before the virus. Thanks again! I will definitely refer you to anyone in need." - December 7, 2011 by SMS.
Esmerelda Ojeda - Elmwood Park, IL

testimonials   "I have a Gateway PC which is prone to overheating. TPteQ indentified the problem, fixed it, also installed upgrades and tuned up the PC, it is running great now.
    This is actually the second time I've used TPteQ. Primarily because of the price and quick repairs. Way better experience than at Best Buy when I took my lap top to them." - November 2, 2011.
Chris Granberry - Glen Ellyn, IL

testimonials   "TPteQ works on my computers all time, they do great work. Whenever I have any issues, I take my computer to them, or they come to me. I refer them to people as well. The prices are reasonable and they fix the problem right away. They're honest. I'm happy with their services." - October 17, 2011.
Gloria Vance - Chicago, IL

testimonials   "Working with Tony and his team was a great experience. I broke my USB port that shorted out the computer at 8: 30 PM. After a quick call to the Geek Squad and learninng they would have to ship my computer to Louisville for repair I did a quick internet search and found Tony. Spoke to him that night and dropped off my computer the next morning. It was fixed and back up and running the same evening. Great serrvice and very fair prices." - October 13, 2011.
Dino DiGrazia - Addison, IL

testimonials   "I highly recommend Tony and TPteQ Inc. They are an awesome computer repair company. He let me know everything he was going to do. I brought it in on Friday afternoon and it was ready on Saturday afternoon. And he had to reinstall my whole system and back up all my data. I would tell everyone about this company. They are very customer friendly, knowledgable and willing to explain everything to you. And his rates are unbeatable by anyone especially since it was even a weekend. They are a great company. " - October 10, 2011.
Ron Bitz - Des Plaines, IL

testimonials   "Was not sure where to turn when my computer would freeze up; couldn't open email; and was just performing very slowly. I found Tony, called him at 7:30 AM, dropped my computer off and heard from him that afternoon with a remedy. He fixed it quickly, spent about 30 minutes explaining everything to me, and his prices were great. I would refer him to anyone with computer problems. Thanks Tony!" - October 3, 2011.
Barbara Klatt - Villa Park, IL

testimonials   Description of Work: Clean up CPU, Remove unwanted programs, check for viruses, sync up the printers and fax machine,
"Called Tony @ 11 am in the morning and by 3 pm he was sitting in my office taking a look at "my problem". On the surface Tony didn't think there was anything major wrong with the machine but he wanted to take it back to his shop for a more complete scan and diagnostics check. Thinking ahead, Tony brought with him a loaner machine with the necessary software programs and then transferred my important files to it so I didn't miss a beat!
    The next day, after an intensive clean, scan and diagnostics of the machine Tony was once again sitting in my office and in what seemed like a scene from "Groundhog Day" was once again hooking up my computer and getting me reacquainted with a much faster, stable PC that is ready for the next 100,000 miles!" - September 27, 2011.
Tom O'Neill - Lemont, IL

testimonials   "I dropped two desktop computers off with Tony at TPteQ. One computer's hard drive crashed even though it was only 14months old. Tony spent days trying to recover our itunes and other things on the hard drive. He did so successfully, replaced the damaged hard drive and got the computer back up to great working speed. We're very happy about this. The other computer died 2 years ago and Microcenter wanted almost $400 to replace the mother board. We decided not to repair it for this price and stored it in the closet. Tony found a mother board for $85 and replaced it. The computer works great now. When I picked the computers up, Tony walked me through what he had done and showed me the operation systems and programs he reinstalled. We now have a resource (Tony at TPteQ) rather than the dreaded Microcenter for our computer." - September 25, 2011.
Angela Brown - Hinsdale, IL

testimonials   "Fast and reliable service! Tony had my defected powerjack on my HP Pavillion fixed and charging for an UNBEATABLE price over the weekend. I appreciated the tune up as well! I highly recommend TPteQ!" - September 12, 2011.
Gabe Streza - Addison, IL

testimonials   "My computer is running faster and smoother, no more hiccups. I am looking forward to the "backup" project. Well done mate." - September 11, 2011.
Derek Mankiewicz - Wood Dale, IL

testimonials   "Thanks TPteQ Inc.!! If anyone is looking for someone to fix their computer or optimize it so it runs even better than before, look no further than TPteQ. They did an amazing job with mine and I had it back within 24 hours of dropping it off. Great job guys!" - September 9, 2011.
Larry Franklin - Yorkville, IL

testimonials   "I bought a brand new state of the art HP laptop loaded with Windows 7 from an online vendor. The features were awesome but it ran so SLOW. It seemed like all I ever saw was that swirly thing that used to be an hourglass. It came with tune up software that I ran over and over trying to give it more pep, but to no avail. It came with 6 GB of RAM and the tune up software showed that I was only using a very small percentage of that. I didn't want to go through the hassle of sending it back and trying to explain what the problem was so I was ready to give up. But I decided to check the web to see if I could find someone who might be able to fix my laptop.
  There were lots to choose from but I decided on TPteQ. I dropped my laptop off on a Saturday afternoon and on Sunday morning Tony called me and said it was ready to pick up. I brought that thing home and fired it up. I could barely keep up with the mouse. It was almost like the computer knew what I wanted it to do before I did. That was the performance I expected when I bought it and thanks to Tony, my computer and I are best friends now.
  That worked out so well that I took my little HP Netbook over to Tony so he could work his magic. I bought it because I thought it was really cute but it came with some 'starter' version of Windows 7 and all I ever saw on it was (again) that swirly thing. Tony upgraded its memory and installed the full version of Windows 7 and now that little thing performs almost as well as its big brother. I will never take my computers to anyone but Tony for tuneups or repairs. I could not have asked for a better experience!!!" - July 27, 2011.
Rhonda Tripp - Carol Stream, IL

testimonials   "I was referred to Tony and his services by a friend who had a recent tune up to their pc. I called to schedule an appt, which Tony stated "the times that work for our customers work for us". I dropped off my laptop and within 24 hrs, he had cleaned up viruses and retrieved my ITunes library from an old pc where the motherboard was out of commission. Mind you, this was a holiday weekend, so when I received the call that all was well and ready to go, I was quite surprised, as I mentioned it wasn't an emergency. Tony was very professional, his prices more than fair, and just delivered a great services, for which I'm very satisfied and pleased with. I recommend TPteQ to anyone!" - July 11, 2011.
Michael S. - Elk Grove Village, IL

testimonials   "Sitting at the desktop and I wanted to thank you for getting this computer to run like a brand new unit! You are the best Tony. I'm so glad Linda found you, you're a keeper!! As always, I will tell all I know about your services. Thanks again!" - July 6, 2011.
Nancy Warner - Mount Prospect, IL

testimonials   "My computer was repaired within 24 hours on a weekend! Amazing! My computer crashed on Saturday afternoon. I searched the web for a computer repair service that works weekends. I came across TPteQ and called right away. Tony was extremely friendly and professional! He drove half an hour to my house to take a look at the computer. He had to take it back with him, and he called me as soon as he figured out the problem. The problem was fixed promptly and he brought my computer back Sunday. Amazing service - I couldn't be happier!" - June 27, 2011.
Claire B - Chicago, IL

testimonials   "Tony saved me several hundred dollars in parts and labor that the Geek Squad at Best Buy wanted to charge me to replace my laptop motherboard. My laptop was repaired within 2 days, compared to the 3 weeks it would've take with Best Buy. I'm very happy with the service provided and would recommend TPteQ to anyone. " - June 24, 2011.
Linda S - Mount Prospect, IL

testimonials   LinkedIn Recommendation: Thomas Brandow has endorsed your work as Owner and Technician at TPteQ.
I was extremely pleased to find Tony to handle my computer issues and problems. A very personable guy, a very capable technician. Tony took care of the problems first, cleaned and tuned up my machine, then added security software and other programs he felt were in line with my needs. I have recommended Tony to friends, family and businesses. Tony worked at one business on my referral, the business owners were pretty rough on Tony who had driven nearly 60 miles to service Internet and Wi-Fi issues, it required a second trip and replacement of faulty parts. I know Tony lost money on that project, but he like a trooper moved on. He has since worked on other friends and family computers either in the shop or by remote. Everyone has thanked me repeatedly for hooking them up with Tony. I have recommended his services to people in 7 states, many have commented on his newsletter and the excellent information provided, and most impressive is when TPQ provides free software links for security and max machine performance. Everyone is most satisfied when they discover how much of great value Tony's service and advice are when it's time to pay the bill. It is not often in these rough times that you find someone who is interested in his clients beyond the repairs, but strives to keep his client list computer healthy. Do yourself and your business a favor and partner in with Tony and his business, I guarantee you will be pleased."" - June 14, 2011.
Tom Brandow - Chicago, IL

testimonials   "Repaired and backed up our computer. Tony was very responsive, resolved our computer issues, saved all of our data and did an over-all cleanse on the computer." - June 12, 2011.
Michael Kane - Bloomingdale, IL

testimonials   "Computer specialist Tony Pirog successfully cleaned and restored my PC which recently got several Malware and Viruses. Tony worked deligently and with a great degree of professionalism to solve these problems. I would not hesitate to recommend his company for future viruse protection and tune ups of my computer." - June 5, 2011.
Dan Cohan - Arivaca, Arizona

testimonials   "I had a virus on my laptop computer and couldn't get to any of my applications. I checked the web and found Tony at TPteQ Inc. I called and was able to take my compuer right over. Tony assured me a 24 hour turn around and sure enough it was ready the next day. Not only was the virus gone but Tony had cleaned up and updated my computer and spent time with me explaining everything and making very good suggestions. He certainly knows his "stuff" and is eager to help. Great experience!" - May 18, 2011.
Joyce McComb - Schaumburg, IL

testimonials   "Didn't know what to expect, but Tony pulled through with his word. I had a virus issue and he killed it at the moment we spoke. No scheduling or anything. I would use his service again if need be." - May 18, 2011.
Scott Park - Des Plaines, IL

testimonials   "I thought I had lost all docs & software & thousands of archive photos until I called Tony @ TPteQ. He was able to simply locate where everything was "hiding" & get me up & running, and then some. All I lost was time & agony until he helped. I highly recommend his expertise. (I guess I'd better do a portable backup more often too!)" - May 15, 2011.
Ivy G - Barrington, IL

testimonials   "When my computer went bonkers for the second time in just a few months, I knew better than to take it back to Best Buy for them to keep it for a week and charge me another $140. I sent a message to Tony immediately. Within a few hours he had the problem solved (remotely, from Chicago!) and my computer is working better than ever. I have known Tony a lot of years and know I can trust him with my computer. I will never use anyone else. I am also recommending him to everyone I know. It is so hard to find someone you can trust, who will do the job right and who won't try to fund his retirement through you. Thank you, Tony, for a job well done." - May 14, 2011.
Dorothy Henderson - New Boston, TX
Dorothy added the following by email: "When I got on my computer last night, it was a pleasure to work with it. I didn't have any times that I was getting frustrated. You solved problems we didn't even talk about. Putting me on Firefox was the answer to a lot of my frustration. Thanks for all you did."

testimonials   "I used TPteQ US for fixing the laptop fan which had stopped working. I used them a month ago. It was a two part question for them. One was as to whether the laptop was power saving and other was how much it costed. When I called them they said that they would fix it up and they did. Most of the companies I talked to, I found that they don't fix the fan in the laptop and they do only in the desktop machine. I had replaced the fan about a year ago, but the company who did that last time didn't fix it in the right way and had fixed it loose. So when TPteQ US came in they found that it was bad and they fixed it. I would rate them high overall. I couldn't have asked for more. They did a great job. They answered all my questions. I was actually about a week not in town for my business. They worked well with my schedule. I would definitely use them again in future." - May 5, 2011.
Mike Ells - Wheaton, IL

testimonials   "AFTER 35 Yrs IN THE PC BIZ - I HAVE NEVER COME ACROSS SERVICE THIS GOOD!: After moving cross country back home, found my Dell SPS system 'dead in the water'. With so many things to do - and the need to get my PC back up 'yesterday' - contacted TPteQ late Saturday - and by Sunday afternoon not only had a fully restored PC going, it hasn't been this well 'tuned up' in 2 years! (And I know how to 'tune' a PC). For $100 plus parts there isn't ANYTHING comparable out there - regardless of the price!" - April 18, 2011.
Steve Gregory - Schaumburg, IL

testimonials   "Shout out: Thanks TPteQ Inc.!! If anyone is looking for someone to fix their computer or optimize it so it runs even better than before, look no further than TPteQ. They did an amazing job with mine and I had it back within 24 hours of dropping it off. Great job guys!" - April 6, 2011.
Nate Buttrey - Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

testimonials   Recovery of lost data on a laptop from work: "I work as a Software Consultant and my expertise is in software - not hardware and viruses. So when a virus affected my laptop for my work, my client's IT department basically just wrote it off and said the data was gone. And that they would give me a new laptop. Tony came to the rescue and using special techniques, was able to recover the lost data. The virus had actually wiped out my files under my entire file system!
  I also utilized their services in October. 2010 when my own laptop crashed. He made a copy of the data on my laptop onto an external drive which I supplied. I got all my data and pictures back and was relieved!
  Fantastic! I only wish my client's Information Technology department were as smart as these guys! I work in the field and as I said, enmployees at my client (who shall remain nameless) are put to shame compared to TPteQ. They were able to work on it right away and had gotten all the data I needed of by the next day. I highly recommend them. I've also added recommendation via my Facebook page. It is really a pleasure to have great customer service." - March 30, 2011.
Lynn Peel - Bloomingdale, IL

testimonials  Called Sat. Morning fixed and delivered by Sat. Evening: "I called Tony in the morning with my computer down he got right on it, got it fixed and then delivered it for under 100.00 dollars. I now know where I will be bringing all my computer repair needs. GREAT JOB FAST SERVICE REASONABLE PRICES. Thanks again..." - March 6, 2011.
Randy Farmer - Elmhurst, IL

testimonials  Installed new hard drive, replaced damaged memory, and installed new operating system.: "I'd been meaning to find someone to go through the computer our kids use, and get it to run faster. Never got around to it. One day the computer wouldn't log on to Windows. I tried all the tricks I knew. Nothing worked. So, NOW it was time to find computer repair. I'd previously brought 2 laptops to GeekSquad, and both times I was told data could be recovered, but the laptops were not able to be repaired. Needless to say, I wasn't happy with that outcome. Found TPteQ on the web, was pleased with the reviews, so gave them a try. They started work on my computer right away, and heard back from them within 24 hours with a diagnosis. I was pleased that they were able to recover my data, as well as get the computer functioning again. It's SO MUCH FASTER than before! The level of professionalism and friendliness was top-notch. Very easy to talk to, and the problem/repair process was explained to me very clearly. The price was very fair/reasonable, FAR less than I would have paid at GeekSquad. I've already told several friends about TPteQ. We now have an external hard drive that I'm having problems with...time to call Tony again!" - February 20, 2011.
Sheryl Rosol - Elmhurst, IL

testimonials  Wow is an understatement!!!!!: "I'm not from the area and was in town on business, when my computer had a major meltdown. My computer is like my right hand so I needed it fixed right away. I found Tony on Google and took my computer to him and received it next day. Price was very reasonable and I received my computer back in better health than it originally was.... Thanks so much!!!" - January 26, 2011.
Myesha Moore - Philadelphia, PA

testimonials  What was I worried about?: "As I was knee deep in a project suddenly my computer became infected with a virus. I was in panic mode as I couldn't do anything about it. One call to Tony and my worries were half over. In less than 12 hours of dropping my computer off my problems were solved. Computer was better than when I started. Having a such a knowledgeable computer tech who is very fair in his pricing is a gift!" - January 26, 2011.
Donna Hinrichs - Bartlett, IL

testimonials  Thank you so much TPteQ Computer Repair! The data on our servers was critical and your company took it very seriously. We are now restoring the data your company saved: and I will be back when our data gets corrupted again. (I hope not soon. LOL) - December 7, 2010.
Jay Wall - Roselle, IL

testimonials  I am very satisfied with the service I received from TPteQ. I initially took my computer to Best Buy, only to be told that my hard drive was bad and that all of my data was unrecoverable. I was devastated but decided to get a second opinion. Tony was not only able to recover all my data and fix my computer, but he did it in a very timely matter and was wonderful to work with. I highly recommend him and will contact him from now on when I have computer issues. - November 15, 2010.
Saira Hasham - Schaumburg, IL

testimonials  My sister told me about this guy Tony who does computer repair overnight for a great price, she said that she took her laptop to him when it started to slow down and act funny. She was amazed at the results. For an unheard of price he repaired and updated her system to better than when she originally purchased it. She now had a faster, safer and a more up to date system. She was thrilled. When she told me about this, I too was having problems with my laptop, but I live in Seattle Washington. I was headed to Illinois for a visit and thought I would take my laptop with me for Tony to check it out. Well, just as she had said he was able to remove the virus' that I had picked up along the way, and upgraded my system within a 24 hour period. I was so excited.
    About a week ago my Daughter's laptop was giving her trouble, it continually shut down in the middle of what ever she was doing and finally it just wouldn't even turn on... I took it the geek squad at our local Best Buy here in Seattle where they told me that it would cost me min. of $300.00 to fix the problems and it wouldn't be worth fixing because the Back Light was going out. So I should consider purchasing a new one. I was pretty upset. I called Tony and told him what was going on and he said he would look at it and was pretty confident that he could fix it. Well, that day I shipped it off to him via UPS. I had no trouble at all with that, he recieved the laptop and replaced the whole operating system and assured me that Best Buy was not honest with me ... I have since then gotten it back from Tony and things are GREAT!!!
    I recently picked up a virus on another computer from Face Book and called Tony to explain, he said that of course he would love to check it out for me if I would be willing to again ship another laptop to him from Seattle. I went to Best Buy just to see what they would say and sure enough they said... Well for $300.00 we can back up your pictures and documents and sweep the computer for virus'. I think $300.00 is their magic number.. I told them "No Thanks" and I am shipping it out to Tony this week. It is so wonderful to know that I can ship my laptop or even my home PC to Tony all the way from Seattle and know that he will take care of the problems. Since my sister has found Tony we have sent him at least 4 referrals and all the outcomes are the same. FABULOUS!! Trust Tony over Best Buy anyday!!! - November 10, 2010.
Patty Vegas - Seattle, WA

testimonials  My employer needed to upgrade our existing computers throughout our office. My office manager had referred Tony Pirog of TPteQ for the estimate on material and labor since she had used his services for her personal computers and was very pleased. Tony gave us very competitive pricing and the owner of the business agreed to hire Tony for the work. Tony was such a pleasure to work with as he backed up, set up, and got our office technology upgraded. Since I live very close to the office, I ran home and picked up my son's laptop which was inoperable, even after having it repaired. I gave the laptop to Tony and for a very reasonable price, not only did he fix the laptop in a timely manner, it Works and is upgraded like a brand new computer! I will continue to use Tony for any and all my computer needs, as will my employer. I highly recommend Mr. Pirog. - October 23, 2010.
Nancy Warner - Central Continental Bakery, Mount Prospect, IL

testimonials  Cleaned up computer virus and updated system. I used this company about a year ago and I was very, very happy with the service provided. At that time I had an older Dell computer that I'd been told by more than a couple of "experts" at a major store chain I couldn't even try to update to increase efficiency. "It won't do any good to increase memory". Not wanting to spend the money for a new computer I contacted TPteQ and was amazed when they told me they could make it work better. Boy, they were not kidding. In no time at all the old Dell was running better than new!! Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I got myself a virus (in the same old Dell that's still working like a champ) and then compouned that by trying to fix it myself! Big mistake. Called Tony and within 24 hours the problem was solved. If your computer is old like mine or brand new and you're having problems this is the place to call. Quick, inexpensive and done right the first time. - September 7, 2010
Larry Lake - Palatine, IL

testimonials  Tony is an outstanding customer service and technical person. I called him and received a very competitive price and service COMPLETED in 24 hours. He got me up and running again right away. No down time! Then he took some extra time to acquaint me with a new operating system and updated software. He went far beyond what you would get from one of the big box "geek crews". I am certainly going to recommend Tony to any of my friends that need computer help.
Thanks Tony. - Aug 24th, 2010
Dale Shinavar - Elk Grove Village

testimonials  My desktop computer would not boot up out of safe mode. The "Geek Squad" came out and charged me $129.00 to tell me that my hard drive needed to be replaced. I had Tony look at it and for $100.00 he fixed everything (it was an operating system failure) and now my desktop is humming along at hyper speed. I wish I had gone to Tony first. If you have any computer problems, call Tony BEFORE you give any money to anyone else, especially the Geek Squad. - Aug 22nd, 2010
Jim Hoffmann - Elmhurst

testimonials  My two Toshiba laptops needed repair and upgrades. Tony was thorough, responsive, performed exceptionally well. Upgrades above initial request handled smoothly. Very satisfied with the finished results. Thank you. - Aug 8th, 2010
Aaron Mergens - Elk Grove Village

testimonials  So glad I found Tony. My computer repairs and upgrades have been handled professionally and promptly with great personal service. I already recommended Tony to my family and friends and will continue to do so. Very satisfied customer living in the Edgewater area of Chicago, IL. - May 27th, 2010
Kevin Gustafson - Chicago, IL

testimonials  The repair, timeliness, and continued support from Tony is well worth the cost. My laptop is better than when it came out of the box. A true professional. Jim G - May 27th, 2010
Jim Gibbons - Hinsdale, IL

testimonials  Tony Pirog is AWESOME!! I located him on Dex Knows and had no relationship prior. I have had one of the best experiences working with him. He fixed my laptop and it is working 110%. The down time was minimal and I was up and running without any major delays. I would without hesitation recommend his service. - April 15th, 2010
Darlene Mahnke, ABR, GRI, Broker/Owner - Lombard, IL

testimonials  I just wanted to thank you for fixing my computer. It has been about three months since I took it in to you. Here is my review of your work: My computer crashed and would not reboot. I was worried because I have an itunes library with over 13000 songs on it and lots of movies and tv shows. I also have a lot of digital pictures of my kids when they were younger and I thought that I lost them all. I took my computer to Office Depot and they told me that they would have to send the computer away to fix. They also said it would probably be cheaper to just buy a new computer. I did not like this option because I would lose all of my photos and itunes. I looked on craigslist for computer repair and came across Tony's add. I checked out his website and decided to try him out. Well, all I can say is that he really came through. Not only did he get my computer to boot again, but he saved all of the old files on my hard drive. He fixed the operating system and my computer is faster than ever. No more pre installed garbage software that came with the computer. He also upgraded some software on my computer - all at no at additional cost. I highly recommend his services and will definitely use him again. - February 1st, 2010
Odin Patel.

testimonials  Tony did a great job for me in recovering some very important documents from one of my external hard drives. I brought hired him on Friday and he worked over the weekend on my project. I had all of the documents back in a brand external hard drive and he met me to finish the transaction. A+ Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value. - December 9th, 2009
Louis Lizzadro - Naperville, IL

testimonials  I've referred many others to Tony who were quite satisfied. Recently needed his help myself and am very happy with the results, price, and service. I have known Tony personally for a long time. Call on Tony for help building and/or setting up new PCs, fixing old PCs, setting up company web sites, etc. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity. - December 8th, 2009
Mike Maginity - Addison, IL

testimonials  Tony has assisted my family's PC issues with desktops and laptops. 3 in all. His service has made my machines run like new and has been of source of peace during this economic storm. His turnaroud time was outstanding. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time. - December 7th, 2009
Scott Helfer - Buffalo Grove, IL

testimonials  Tony was recommended by one of our employees and we hired him to update all of our computes and connect all by installing a network. The computers were operating very slowly and constantly crashing and we needed a way to compile data from our equipment computers to our operations dept. Tony was very punctual and professional throughout. He took care of everything from recommending, purchasing and installing needed RAM and hard drives to configuring the network to installing Windows 7 on all computers. He took the time to make sure everything was working to our satisfaction and returned as needed to make final tweaks to the system. His pricing is very reasonable and I would recommend him to any small business looking to get all of their computers working smoothly. - November 6th, 2009
Terry Brown - Schiller Park, IL

testimonials  Service was fast, affordable, and my computer is still humming along. When my computer shut down several months ago, in a panic in the middle of the night I called the Dell service hot-line. The service people from Dell originally convinced me that the problem was my motherboard after hours of testing and waiting on hold. This ended up not being the case. My warranty had run out the week before so Dell charged a fair amount of money for this useless information, and in testing for the problem nearly had me erase everything on my hard-drive, which was unnecessary. The next morning I called TPteQ. A technician was at my house within an hour and picked up a hard-drive in the suburbs where they could be had significantly cheaper in case this was the problem. Thankfully it was not. He backed up my files and restored my computer. Importantly he was also immediately available for follow up questions that I had in the next few days, which was very helpful. Would definitely use his service again. Nate - October 6th, 2009
Nathan Podrid - Chicago, IL

testimonials  TPteQ is an excellent computer consulting firm. As a person that relies almost too much on my computer and internet, I was at a loss when my computer crashed. TPteQ's Tony Pirog fixed it in less than two hours and completely restored my data, improved my computer's processing speed, installed software that would protect my computer against future issues and taught me how to use various programs that I now can't live without. TPteQ and Tony will always be my technology go to firm. - September 30th, 2009
David Bornstein - Warrenville, IL

testimonials  Tony backed up my laptop's hard drive and was as professional and helpful as could be. The price was great and the service was quick. I would much rather go through him than ever roll the dice in trusting my computer with Geek Squad (and pay several times more). If you have a computer issue, he is more than willing to help you out. I completely recommend! - September 15th, 2009
Wade W.

testimonials  We contacted Tony with a list of computer issues and he stayed until every last issue was resolved. He was flexible, able to work around our schedule and incredibly helpful. We would happily recommend Tony and his team to anyone in need of computer support! - August 13th, 2009
The Skirt PR team - Chicago, IL

testimonials  We were in need of a web site and had no real previous knowledge or background of how to get it done. I did call and talk to several people both in and out of state. I called Tony and he offered to come over and look at what we had laid out. He came over and sat with us and with in an hour he had the Domain Name registered, and our hosting server up and running, and at a very competitive price. He left with our layout and with in a week the first draft was done. After a few additional days we had it done and it was on google search with in two weeks. Tony fine tuned it and added pictures for us.
    I thought I needed face to face help, but I soon learned I could handle everything with Tony via email.
    Tony is very responsive and efficient at what he does and he is very competitive in his pricing, and service.
    We will use Tony for all our future computer, software,and web site needs, and I highly recommend him for any work you need done. - July 9th, 2009
Bill Healy - Lombard, IL

testimonials   Tony is a remarkable computer specialist. We spent a most pleasant morning enjoying the spring weather, while he doggedly drove around searching for the perfect part to breathe life into my mixed-breed computer. Tony has that rare ability to get to diagnose the root of your problem quickly. He also understands the importance of keeping his/your cost down. I'll be using him again, and recommending him to my friends. Give him a try and you will see what I mean. - May 7th, 2009
Many thanks, Tony!
Denny Kinsella - Chicago, IL

testimonials  I cannot believe that this service actually exists! These people are a goldmine and will seriously do right by you for an incredibly reasonable amount of money. There is so much crap out there--especially in Lakeview! Geeksquad? and all those others--NO THANK YOU! Very costly and NEVER a satisfying experience. Tony showed up with all the tools and went right to work. He is very communicative and most definitely knows the computer realm. He is totally about educating the consumer on what always appears to be "mysterious stuff". He breaks everything down to a very understandable conversation and doesn't stop until he gets to the heart of the diagnosis. Trustworthy and an amazing resource--I will never call anyone but Tony and his son Dave. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - May 1st, 2009
Bill A - Chicago, IL

testimonials  Our company computers were infected with a virus and Tony had them up and running in a matter of a few hours. He also performed various maintenance tasks that made them run faster as well as recommended and installed software that was geared to our business. I was please with his patience, efficiency and reasonable price. I also had Tony network my I Touch to my home computer via wi fi. I would highly recommend Tony to anyone with a home or business computer problem. - April 27th, 2009
Bernard Drzazga - Chicago, IL

testimonials  I ordered a custom built desktop computer that Tony configured specifically for me based on the type of work I do 90% of the time. So I now have an awesome machine that is exactly what I need and nothing that I didn't need at a great price. I highly recommend Tony and Dave. - April 22nd, 2009
Bob Krohn - Orland Park, IL

testimonials  My hard drive had a meltdown, couldn't find any techies in my area who could fix it for a reasonable amount of money. Dave advertised $50.00 repairs for any problem. It was a 50 mile drive, and well worth it. Of course I brought Dave the wrong computer to fix first time, but a hundred miles later had that squared away. Was very pleased with my computer and have recommended Dave and Tony to several friends and also to my wife's company for excellent service and at a reasonable price. I would advise anyone in need of a technical fix knowing the cost up front to head out to these guys in Addison IL. - April 21st, 2009
Tom Brandow