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We Specialize In:
  • Small and medium business new office setup, including all Ethernet cabling for data and phones, installation of wall jacks and keystones, installation and configuration of network and computers, including server, domain, security and disaster recovery / backup solution.
  • Computer Repair: PC and Mac Specialists
  • Laptop Repair: PC and Macbook
  • Commercial Security Camera Systems installation and repair. Click HERE for details.
  • Virus Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Network Installation and Setup
  • Software and Operating System Installation: Windows, Mac OS X,
    Ubuntu / Linux, Joli OS
  • Acer, Dell, Toshiba, HP, Hewlett Packard, Sony, Mac, Macbook,
    Apple Macintosh, IBM, Lenovo, ASUS, MSI
  • A+ Certified Technicians

About Us

    TP Technologies Provides Computer Repair and IT services for both businesses and homes, in the Greater Chicago area. We serve both residential and commercial clients.

    We are growing rapidly due to our great rates and superior technical expertise. We offer competitive rates and we can usually start work on your computer problem the day you bring it in.

    Let your broken computer be our problem. TPteQ can usually fix your computer within 24 hours. Don't hesitate to call us.

    Check out our Customer Reviews page HERE to read what our custmers say about us.

    From hardware issues like replacing a bad LCD Display or resolving a power problem to software problems such as installing new operating systems or removing a virus from your laptop, from individual computer repairs to full service IT solutions, TPteQ IT and Repair Service is your professional computer service provider / specialists for Greater Chicago. Let us be your one-stop computer repair shop.

    Our technicians have decades of combined experience. We use techniques to perform repairs that no one else knows. Bring in your PC, laptop or desktop, or your Apple iMac, Macbook Pro or other device, and discover how our friendly service and superior technical skills will suit your needs.

    Commercial customers, please ask and we will provide references from our business customers. Click here to view our commercial client list

    Call today. We are standing by to hear from you.

Why fix your computer when new computers are so cheap?

    Computer prices seem to be going down all the time, but is that necessarily a good thing? Whatever is causing those price decreases, it provides end users with less incentive to repair their computers when they can buy a new one for just a little bit more. Low prices benefit mega computer corporations like HP and Dell at the expense of small computer repair entrepreneurs like us. If prices were more reasonable, consumers would be more inclined to use our services, putting money in our pockets and creating jobs for employees we would hire to handle the increased workload. Higher computer prices would be a boon to main street small businesses, enabling us to survive and thrive, rather than worrying about going out of business due to low prices. You can help by choosing to get your computer repaired instead of throwing it out. Fact is, you almost always save money if you get your computer repaired by a reputable small business.

    You’ve probably heard the maxim: “A computer becomes obsolete almost as soon as you unpack it.” That may have been true in the nineties, but not today. Many 5-10 year old computers are perfectly good for average daily use, and all they need is a little tuneup, maybe some minor hardware upgrades, and you’re set. Consider this: when you buy new, you not only pay for the computer but often also for software upgrades and data transfer from your old computer. It still ends up being expensive.

    Whenever you use the services of a small business like ours, you contribute to the health of the American economy and help create jobs in the USA. When someone chooses to buy new instead, they benefit Walmart, HP, Dell, and of course, they create jobs in China. You are the job creators. You create jobs by spending your money at your local small business. Which will you choose next time your computer has troubles? Create jobs in America? Or create jobs in China? Please choose wisely.

Why TPteQ and not "Those Other Geeks?"

    Based on our customers' previous experiences it seems like most of the people who claim to be computer technicians know just enough to make things worse. And they often try to screw people out of as much of their hard earned money as possible. Not only that but you wouldn't believe how many times people come to us with wrong diagnoses.

    One of our customers recently called to tell me how much he appreciated us. His 94 year old uncle had gotten confused and forgot how to get into his email. He got someone on the phone who wanted to charge him $180 to fix problems that didn't exist. The nephew bawled him out, especially after the "technician" criticized our efforts. He knew very well that we don't do shoddy work.

    Another customer came to us with his computer and a brand new hard drive. His computer was slow, and his Internet Service Provider told him his hard drive needed to be replaced. Seriously? We told him to get his $135 back and we fixed the slow running computer for $95 without any parts.

    When my senior laptop component technician came on board he had trouble working through the steps of a proper diagnosis because he had been taught by several previous employers to make instant diagnoses, stand by them, and screw the customer out of as much money as possible. He was shocked to discover that here, at TPTEQ, our workers collaborate on repairs. We work as a team. Our people aren't set up to compete against one another. I recently told him how much better he is at diagnostics now. He said it was because he doesn't feel the need to prove himself anymore, but just focuses on fixing the problem. So now he's a much better diagnostician and I have a really good employee who I can trust.

    He was surprised to discover that I treat him the way we used to be treated, as an asset, and not as an expense. It means he can relax because he knows I won't fire him for something trivial. Nowadays it seems corporate America doesn't recognize the value of its employees and they'll fire people even though it'll cost a ton to train a new person. It just doesn't make sense. We encourage our guys, and when we make a little extra we even give them a bonus. (Don't tell those other geeks. LOL)

    That's why we think we're your best choice for computer work.

    And we have A+ certified technicians / specialists!.

Written by Tony Pirog. April 18, 2012

About our Computer Repair and Laptop Repair, Virus Removal, and Data Recovery Services:

Your premier Chicago area Computer Resource for home and small businesses!

Dell, Toshiba, HP, Hewlett Packard, Sony, Mac (Macbook), Apple Macintosh, ASUS, MSI, Lenovo, Samsung

Call us now for all your Computer and Laptop Repair, Virus Removal and Data Recovery needs.

We offer Computer Repair and Upgrade Service for Greater Chicago and suburbs.

Virus Removal: We remove and repair any viruses without installing a new operating system where possible.

Data Recovery: So long as the drive isn't physically damaged and the data has not been overwritten, we will recover it for you.

We've repaired Personal Computers and Laptops since the mid 80's, we Mac repair specialists, and we know operating systems from DOS to Windows 7, plus Mac OS X and Ubuntu / Linux in all its flavors, and hardware from the earliest PC to the most powerful modern gaming machines. We know how to fix your problem!

We service Dell, Toshiba, HP, Hewlett Packard, Sony, Mac (Macbook), Apple Macintosh and any other brand or custom-built machines.

We install networks and networking hardware / software both hard-wired and wireless, for residential (home) and commercial (small and medium businesses) customers.

Desktop Computer Repair and Laptop Repair:

We offer complete diagnostics, data backup and restore, computer and laptop optimization, hardware upgrades, wifi wireless setup and much more. Let us fix your computer repair problem!

We will build your new custom computer from scratch.

We replace motherboards, processors, fans and power supplies in your computer.

We upgrade computer components: add memory, more powerful video cards, etc.

Computer or laptop running slow?

Refurbishing and repair services involve a full system tune-up or may include a fresh install of the operating system, including all programs and utilities needed by the customer. Where needed, we also recommend and install (subject to customer approval) additional memory (RAM).

We remove viruses, turn off programs that infiltrate your OS, uninstall unnecessary programs, tweak, defrag, and tune-up your computer or laptop.

We recommend and install additional memory, where your computer needs it.

We clean up unused files and programs from your computer or laptop.

When done, your computer or laptop will run better than new. That's our guarantee!

Virus Removal

We use state of the art virus removal tools to clean your computer of malicious software. No one has more experience at virus removal than TPteQ!

Virus Removal: We remove the Spyware and viruses from your computer or laptop that can slow down your computer to a crawl, or even make it completely unusable.

Virus Removal: We install free anti-spyware and anti virus software on your computer or laptop that will protect you from further infections.

Optimization: We offer a complimentary tune-up of your computer operating system!

In the event that the viruses on your computer or laptop are so bad that the OS cannot be repaired, we always save your data before reinstalling the OS.

Laptop Repair Service:

Laptop Repair is a specialty service. We provide a 4 step system to success: Diagnose, Troubleshoot, Fix, and Test. We take pride in being able to solve computer laptop issues with a speedy recovery.

Not only do we follow a system that guarantees the success of your laptop repair. we provide a 6 point system check to ensure the quality of the computer or laptop repair.
  • Computer keyboard Test
  • USB test
  • Laptop Track Pad Test
  • DVD/CD Testing
  • Video Test
  • Audio Test
Laptop Repair involves dedication and precision. The results of maintaining this system brings success and a strong track record.

Laptop Repair services includes GPU/motherboard reflow, video/monitor replacement, no video, no power, wireless, overheating, liquid spill recovery, power jack replacement, and data recovery.

We service your Dell, Toshiba, HP, Hewlett Packard, Sony, Macbook laptop, Apple Macintosh and any other brand of laptop.

See our pricing page HERE for details.

Computer or Laptop Upgrade Services:

We install any kind of peripheral, hard drive, DVD or CD burner.

We add memory to help your computer or laptop run faster.

We can even install a super fast operating system to speed up you computer or laptop.

Even if your computer is old and doesn't seem to have enough power and memory, it may still be fixable!

Let us diagnose what kind of computer repair will benefit you.
Toll Free: (888) 847-2955
   Local: (630) 447-9067

TPTEQ Inc. - 418 W Lake Park Dr
Addison, IL 60101

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